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We have long witnessed the (often unfair and frequently vaporous) advantages the larger, corporate players in any given industry have over smaller operations.

We’ve also observed that these advantages on the part of the big-name suppliers and service providers don’t necessarily amount to any real wins or benefits for their client / customer organisations.

Often, it’s little more than a case of the “IBM factor” at play (with reference to a classic marketing case study that highlights the risk adversity of B2B buyers who need compelling reassurance of safety to move outside their traditional procurement comfort zones). Or it’s simply a matter of corporate players’ resources to stay in front of the target more prominently than the SME hopeful.

Jordan Kelly

Jordan has worked – extensively and intensively – with both ends of the enterprise size spectrum. In fact, for the past two decades, her client list  has been weighted considerably more towards the “big end of town” and includes many global household names.

It’s been this up-close-and-personal perspective of the corporate sector that has allowed her to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the large enterprise with the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). Doing so has allowed her tremendous insight into the numerous opportunities for smaller operatiors to pull off David-versus-Goliath victories (and sometimes, of Biblical proportions) on a regular basis, if they’re willing to put the work in.

One of Jordan’s flagship (self-directed and interactive) training products is, in fact, ‘Beating the Big Boys At Bids’. 

Barbi Larkins

Barbi is the creative force behind her own web and graphic design SME. With her passion for supporting young, emerging businesses, she has a special, somewhat unconventional role in the Jordan & Barbi, Proactive Proposals partnership.

Aside from being available to Proactive Proposals’ clients who want to submit something more impressive than their own plain vanilla, in-house-produced proposal documents to their key targets, Barbi brings some particularly strategic smarts. That is, the ability to take our clients’ existing websites and add custom sections on which they can host the proactive proposals they have prepared for their targeted prospective clients.

This pulls the target back to our client’s own website to view the proposals that have been specially prepared for that targeted prospect, thus avoiding the otherwise-common scenario whereby the recipients of sales proposals often don’t even bother to open the emails to which they are attached.

Barbi also produces sales support material including print-ready design work, brand and product-specific websites, and ancillary web-based materials such as landing pages.