The ‘Visceral’ Advantage of the SME

One of the key advantages a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) has over the corporate players in its industry is simply this:

The personnel within an SME are more closely aligned with, and connected to, the goals and visions of its leadership. They understand them. The organisation’s future is their future.

By contrast, a corporation’s silo’d, many-times-removed-from-board-and-the-C-Suite middle management and other personnel (usually) simply aren’t as viscerally driven.

Certainly, some may have sales targets and bonuses at stake, but they’re reliant on the inputs and support of others who haven’t. And sure, they’re disappointed when the multi-million dollar investment their employer just made in a bid they participated in just went down the proverbial drain after their submission lost. But they don’t lose sleep over it.

The smaller the enterprise, however, the more its team members do, in fact, “lose sleep” (either figuratively or literally) over a major loss.
Without question, having a powerful “why” makes all the difference to the motivation factor of the personnel involved in a high-stakes new-business pursuit. And the closer the personnel are to the hip pocket impact, the more powerful the why.

That’s just ONE of 11 key advantages the SME has over the corporation. It, and the 10 other core advantages, are covered in the self-directed and interactive training product –