The Critical Difference Between Self-Confidence and Arrogance

Self-confidence and arrogance are two characteristics that are all too often confused in a business setting – and even more so, in the context of new-business pursuits and the associated proposals put forward to prospective clientele.

On that note, I’ve come across an eight-minute YouTube video that couldn’t have expressed my own sentiments better.

On the face of it, this conversation between a sports coach and a monk has little to do with business. But if one takes a deeper dive into the mindset and modus operandi of highly effective “rainmakers” – both at the team and at the individual level – it’s easy to see it has everything to do with victory in the new-business arena:

 It’s an impacting conversation that highlights the following truths and savvy advice:

  • Winners see themselves as their own competition. They compete with themselves every day to reach their best version of themselves and to better that constantly.
  • The critical distinction between self-confidence and arrogance, is this:  Sure, have full confidence in yourself and your own ability to strive for your personal best. But know that, just because you’re the best version of yourself, it doesn’t mean you’re the best in the world. Being under that illusion is when self-confidence becomes arrogance. And arrogance prevents growth.
  • Keep your heart, mind, and consciousness open to learn from the people around you – whether above, below, or equal to, you in the context of whatever ranking system applies.
  • The hardest “rank” to learn from is your equals. That’s because there is envy, ego, insecurity, and pride at play. So, begin with those who are higher or lower in rank. Once that’s become an attitude – it’s easier with “equals”.
  • The Dalai Lama says:   “If you are simply talking, you’re only repeating what you know. If you’re listening, you’re learning something new.”