Complement Your Off-line Proposal with Your Online Presence

If you’re a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), it’s critically important that both your proposal (and other off-line documentation) is not let down by your online presence (primarily your website). Here are just some of the reasons why . . . especially if you’re up against larger competitors, with larger budgets, and more glamorous on- […]

Graphics in Proposals: Some Do’s and Don’ts

The use of graphics, photography and other design elements in a proposal represents a common dilemma for many an enterprise, particularly an SME without dedicated production skill in-house. As an over-arching rule, adhere to these general principles: While it’s appropriate to employ significant use of creative design and graphics / photography in some proposals (especially […]

The ‘Look’ of Readability

Question: When it comes to readability, how much emphasis should you place on the “look” of your copy? Answer: A LOT. The impact of many a proposal with otherwise decent quality (even compelling) copy is undermined by the presentation of that text and the pages on which it is laid out. Examples: Overly lengthy paragraphs […]

3 Key Principles of Effective Proposal Design

You’re wandering around a book shop and see an interesting title. You pick up the book. You page through it. Then you find the title is the only interesting thing about it. There is too much text with nothing to break it up. The layout is confusing and hard to follow. It’s jam-packed full of […]